Stop the Slaughter at NYC ACC

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Animals in the NYC ACC are being euthanized needlessly. This must be stopped! We will fight to save every dog and cat off death row until then!

We are a group of animal advocates who aim to (1) rescue animals in jeopardy of being destroyed while in at the high-kill shelter of NYC's Animal Care and Control (ACC) facilities; and (2) advocate reforms such as changing this high-kill shelters into no-kill shelter. We work mostly on Facebook, sharing the daily "to be destroyed" listings that are posted by ACC in hopes that others will get involved in some way: by sharing and crossposting about these animals, contacting rescue groups, offering to foster or adopt, calling other people who might foster or adopt, or pledging money (any amount) toward an animal's rescue. We believe that if everyone who cares about this situation will join together to channel his or her frustration, sadness, and anger about the mass slaughter of adoptable animals into action, we can save many thousands of lives. 

You can view our daily posts in our Facebook page without being a Facebook member. Just click on our "Blog and Facebook Entries" tab.

For the record, we are not affiliated with Urgent Part 2 or Pets on Death Row (PODR). However, as the lives of dogs and cats are the important point, we post Urgent Part 2's and PODR's lists to increase the possibilities for all dogs and cats to be pulled by rescue organizations or individual adopters.


New York City Animal Care and Control (NYCACC) is the largest shelter organization in the Northeast and also among the shelters with the highest kill rates. NYCACC claims that they rescue nearly 40,000 animals each year, as well as having responsibility for NYC's municipal shelter system—rescuing, caring for, and finding loving homes for homeless and abandoned animals in NYC. However, we have found that due to their lack of cooperation and their negligence, countless animals are needlessly destroyed. Through concerted efforts by independent rescuers and rescue societies, numerous animals could be rehomed to other uncrowded and better run rescue organizations, where they are not in danger of being killed, as well as to individual adopters and foster homes.

Unfortunately, dozens of adoptable animals are killed there every day because the so-called "shelter system" is dysfunctional and totally broken. ACC staff members do not answer the phones when individuals and groups are calling to rescue “death-row” animals. Lists of these animals are released late in the day the morning before they are to be killed, leaving practically no time to rescue them. The staff of these facilities and the system itself are not proactive in any way to help facilitate adoptions. Except for a lucky few, most animals are warehoused there only long enough to satisfy a short hold time and then are systematically taken to the killing room, no matter how healthy, sweet, and adoptable they are.

Often we find that staff behavior evaluations, for which animals are “tested” while under stress, are unfairly negative, while volunteer reports of time spent with the dogs show a much more positive picture. Cats are particularly the victims of completely subjective evaluations, because there are no standardized tests for cat behavior in shelter environments. Staff evaluators appear unaware that even the sweetest cats can react with fear at suddenly finding themselves in such an unfamiliar and stressful situation. The unfair and often inaccurate negative behavior ratings these animals receive further jeopardize and even prevent their chances of being adopted.

Sammy, the beautiful lab mix who is the symbol of this website, is a victim of the NYCACC system. Sammy had a wonderful adopter who wanted him, but he died because numerous phone calls that were to arrange his ticket out of the facility were never answered. We must, as a society, give all precious creatures a chance to live. There is no excuse for failing to prevent the deaths of so many of the animals who unfortunately wind up at ACC facilities. This website is dedicated to all the Sammys of ACC. We believe that ACC can be reformed to adopt a no-kill policy—to retain animals there until they are adopted, and to be more cooperative, compassionate, and proactive in encouraging and facilitating adoptions, as well as providing spay/neuter education and assistance to the community it serves.

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