Stop the Slaughter at NYC ACC

These are a sample of the many photos of the many dogs  who have been featured in Urgent Part 2 on Facebook. Many of these dogs met the unfortunate demise: Death, destruction. Their one crime was to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. They are victims of finding themselves homeless either by heartless former owners who felt that they were either too old to care for them, too young to care for them, or that they got tired of them. Some were given up because their owners lost their homes, the apartment building did not allow anymore animals, they didn't spay or neuter them and kittens were born, new babies arrived, etc. You name it, there's an excuse why people give up their animals. The Animal Care and Control of New York City is a heartless place. Animals are destroyed by the minute. We have to stop the madness. Until laws are introduced that will give animals the rights they deserve, the only recourse we have, aside from spay and neutering animals, is to adopt or foster those unfortunate enough to be on death row. You can see the list of animals on the current death row list here:

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