Stop the Slaughter at NYC ACC

Why Rescue a Shelter Animal?

Animals in shelters are in constant danger of being killed, mainly due to limited space -- although that reality is usually hidden and the killings blamed on "disease" or "temperament." "Disease" generally refers to upper respiratory infections in cats and kennel cough in dogs, both spread by unsanitary conditions and lack of proper ventilation, and both completely treatable, although NYCACC kills animals instead of treating them. Temperament tests for dogs are performed under stressful conditions, and there are no such tests for cats, so they are judged on the basis of stressful encounters with staff in unfamiliar settings.

Most shelter animals are highly adoptable, from kittens and puppies to adult and senior dogs and cats who have been family members for years but lost their homes for reasons having nothing to do with their health or behavior.

We (along many other volunteers) work hard to stop the killing trend. We advocate implementing low-cost spay/neuter clinics, educating the public, and outlawing puppy mills. Only then can we safely say that we are on the road to being a no-kill nation.

When you save a shelter animal, you can guarantee that the animal's spirit will visibly change from despair and fear to happiness and relaxed beauty. Look at Barrack and Leo in their before and after pictures.


Euthanasia is slaughter and ugly!

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